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Job Opportunities

About Us

English Unlimited Language Centre is one of Moscow's fastest-growing schools. Located in the centre of Moscow, we teach general, business and conversational English and prepare students for such international exams as TOEFL, IELTS, CAE, BEC, and FCE.

Our students range from adults to teenagers, and from individual students to large companies - who come to us with various goals and various levels of comprehension. We are a fully licensed, privately owned enterprise, financed by Russian and American investors.

English Unlimited Language Centre has an international staff: British, American, Canadian and Russian. Our teachers instruct in groups as well as one-to-one classes, with special attention paid to Business English for our corporate clients. We pride ourselves on maintaining an excellent reputation. That's why our best recommendations come from our students.

Job Opportunities

English Unlimited Language Centre has periodic openings for native speakers, preferably with classroom experience and degrees in teaching English as a foreign language. Instructors should be able to teach both adults and teenagers.

We offer:

  • a competitive salary commensurate with experience and ability (from $22 to $32 per academic hour)
  • full-time contracts for 12 months (typically teaching 26 academic hours per week)

Full-time teaching benefits include:

  • arranging visa support and a work permit
  • assistance finding accommodations
  • medical insurance
  • professional development
  • Russian language instruction

Part-time contracts (teaching 6 to 18 academic hours per week) and short-term contracts (teaching for 4 months) are also available, but without visa support, work permit and other full-time benefits.


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