Он-лайн тестирование

1. Hello! My name Terry.
2. I’m 27. old are you?
3. John is the manager. You need to speak to .
4. Peter usually before 8 o’clock.
5. Did you TV last night?
6. My sister does not go to work on Saturdays.
7. orange juice in the fridge.
8. We haven't got mineral water.
9. is it from Barcelona to Madrid?
10. .
11. Mark fly to London in a few months.
12. We have classes .
13. I wanted a purple bike but they only had .
14. I have to go to the bank some money.
15. I haven`t had lunch with my mother last year.
16. He`s looking forward that film.
17. Don`t start .
18. He works at the theatre, ?
19. Simon in Madrid since 1982.
20. Has Mr Brown arrived ?
21. I working at night nowadays.
22. We have to catch the 5:00am train tomorrow, so I go to bed late.
23. She go to the dentist`s yesterday.
24. That`s the of my worries. It`ll never happen.
25. I wouldn`t mind tonight.
26. I thought you .
27. They last night, but I`m not sure.
28. We better hurry up or we`ll be late.
29. I couldn`t mend the PC myself, so I at a shop.
30. I wish I a car. I`m tired of catching the bus.
31. .
32. Let`s go to the theatre, .
33. By this time tomorrow we the meeting.
34. He ran so fast being followed by a ghost.
35. that I realised what he had done.
36. If you`d come to the theatre last night, you the play
37. They laughed a lot last night. The film very funny.
38. He wrote the programme . He didn`t need anybody.
39. thinking that he would win the lottery.
40. "I know it`s late, so I shall not you any longer"- said the sales manager to the sales team.